Wednesday, 4 March 2009

It Could Be A Very Long Day

"I can't possibly think of anything I wish to discuss with you Kingsteignton, so why would I meet with you," rasped Roland.

"Oh, but I have information on something I know that you need; I would go as far to say that it is something you crave," was the enigmatic reply.

"What would you know about what I either want or crave?" asked Roland tightly.

"My dear boy, we have interacted many times over the years and I make a point in keeping an eye on people like you. I need your help and am willing to trade the information in exchange."

"You do not have a good record when it comes to helping other Old Kingdomers, Kingsteignton. In fact you don't even look after your own people. You have betrayed my clan too many times for your own ends."

Lord Kingsteignton for a long moment made no reply. Maybe he was revisiting the same memories as Roland, of the times during the Second World War when he had been a prominent Nazi sympathiser in England and had used his considerable influence both at home and on the continent to expose and destroy clan members and even individuals from his own race that he had deemed a threat to his security. Roland even suspected that he was behind the savage killing of Proserpine's parents by a bunch of Hells Angels on a lonely stretch of the Brighton road. Luckily Proserpine had been left behind that day, but the clan had lost two important members and Proserpine was now being raised by Malvolio without the guidance and love of a mother.

"Very true, De Cazalrenoux, but now I need your help against a common enemy."

"We have no common enemies except the humans and you already know my feelings on that score."

"I know that you have this totally barking idea that we should try and negotiate with the humans and  integrate into their society, but the common enemy I am talking about is Old Kingdom," sputtered Kingsteignton.

"You mean you are fighting with your own race again?" questioned Roland drily.

"What if I said they were holding a member of your clan?" retorted Kingsteignton.

Roland instantly felt a resonant thudding in his blood. He had had an awareness that there was another clan member out there somewhere for sometime. It was like a continual prickle, an irritation that he could not scratch out. He did not know the parentage, or how they had got lost; all he knew was that it was a female, and that her name was Kea. Sometimes he would wake with the name Kea repeating in his head, Kea...Kea.....Kea.......Kea....

"What has that got to do with you? Why would you care?"

"Because I know that you care," replied Kingsteignton smoothly. "And because I need your help to eliminate this person and his associates."

"Looking out for your own backside as usual, Kingsteignton. These are your own race, your own bloodlines, you should be protecting them, helping them to thrive."

"Don't give me that missionary drivel. The way that Vladimirescu's lot are carrying on is going to expose us all; the last thing any of us need is another pogrom."

Roland went quiet. He needed to locate Kea, but to move against other Old Kingdomers to do it? And to work with Kingsteignton? Could he trust him?

"Well De Cazalrenoux, what's your answer, are we to meet?"

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