Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Revelations in the Night

Eunice and Malvolio lay back in the bed, lazily replete and satisfied. The clouds had cleared and now the full moon shone brightly through the curtainless window.

'Makes it something special doesn't it, making love when I should be turning!' said Malvolio grinning and turning to kiss Eunice's soft white shoulder.

A cloud crossed Eunice's face. 'I think that we should stop doing this Malvolio, however good it feels. Roland will go nuts if he finds out that you are not turning as you should, and I could get thrown off the Witch's Council if they found out that I was helping you. Also, we are not sure if it's going to hurt you if you keep doing it!'

'You worry too much sweetheart' smiled Malvolio as he slipped his arm around her and pulled her to him 'No one is going to find out and I will be fine!'

But Eunice would not be placated.

'I really think that I should leave now, and that you should turn. Prosperpine is fine, I can feel her sleeping. It would be better for you!'

Malvolio just laughed. 'But I feel wonderful, my love. I have never felt better. Just relax and stay with me.'

'You know I told you that I met Roland today and then bumped into him as I was leaving earlier' started Eunice hesitantly 'Well, I'm not sure that I should mention this, but I think that he thought that I had come here to see him'.

'You think so' Malvolio asked shortly 'What makes you think that'.

Eunice could tell that Malvolio's body had stiffened under her.

'Well he was very flirty at Sue's and seemed disappointed that I had been visiting you guys. Why had you never told him about me, Malvolio?'

'Because there are some things that I like to keep private. This Clan business is all very well, but you don't get a life of your own. Everyone knows everything about you; what you do, what you say, who you know!'

'There is more to it than that though, isn't there?' prompted Eunice gently.

'Well I'm also not sure how cool Roland would be about you being a witch. I mean the usual Clan way is that you are put together with a selected Clan bitch at the turning time and nature takes over. By the time you are back in human form you are stuck with each other for life.'

'Another valid point, Malvolio, but it's still not the real reason is it?'

Eunice looked directly into Malvolio's face with cool, searching green eyes. He groaned and looked away.

'Oh you know! Roland is like this big stud. The big alpha male! I'm a mere beta and should know my place. If you must know, I'm scared stiff that he is going to sweep in here and take you from me. And you telling me that he is already sniffing around you just makes it worse. If he fancies you and finds out that we are an item, he'll lose it totally. He's not used to coming second!'

'Maybe you are underestimating him, and you are certainly underestimating me. I love you Malvolio, you know that. Do you think that means that I will let the big bad wolf carry me off to his lair and ravage me whenever the fancy takes him!'

Malvolio looked stricken. 'This is the first time I have crossed him, Eunice. And the only reason I can do it is because I love you so much. It would crucify me if he took you from me.'

She smiled gently down at him. 'He will never have me and I will never leave you. Especially not now.'

'Why not now especially' he asked cautiously.

'Because I am pregnant' she said simply 'We are going to have a child, Malvolio.'

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