Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Decision Time

‘Look this is getting us nowhere’ said Roland, who was finally calming down a bit. ‘He has either finally lost it or is really a very good actor. What do you want to do? I can try the throat ripping out or do you just want to stake him and be done with it?’

‘But then you would never find out anymore about your missing Clan member?’ replied Vlad in a reasonable tone.

‘I have really got to the point where I don’t think that I will ever get anything out of him’ said Roland gazing contemptuously down at Kingsteignton who was by now dribbling and his eyes were spinning round like toy windmills.

‘I have placed an order for some pretty powerful information spells from one of the better witches; so hopefully that will turn up something I can use. I will also get word to the Clans in Eastern Europe and see if they can sniff anything out.’

‘Ah, Sue Fisher!’ opined Antonescu, causing Roland to look at him in surprise.

‘I have an idea’ started Vlad cautiously ‘there is someone at my house who may be able to give you some leads or further information and if we take Kingsteignton back there he might be able to tell us whether he is lying or not; whether there is any truth in this mysterious, powerful being that he is drivelling on about.’

Roland raised his eyebrows in surprise.

‘A psychic vampire?’ he queried ‘I’ve never come across one of those before?’

‘No, a human. His name is Mike Costello’ replied Vlad simply.

To Roland this day was getting more surreal by the minute. Humans, psychic ones at that, in vampire’s houses? A being that was so powerful that a vampire was literally scared shitless by it? The fact that he had spent a whole afternoon in the company of vampires without any stakes being used? And no useful information whatsoever on the location of Kea!

‘Ok, we might as well give it a try’ he answered, surprised at hearing himself agreeing to enter the house of a vampire ‘As long as I’m back by moon rise, I don’t think me turning in your house will help any of us!’

‘No problem, that won’t be until about 11 tonight anyway; Antonescu can you call someone and ask them to bring Kingsteignton’s car around the front. We might as well take advantage of his hi-tech gadgets. Oh and get them to bring some towels while you are at it; no point in ruining the upholstery!’

'Will Costello still be there?' queried Antonescu.

'Definitely; he hasn't drunk the wine cellar dry yet and he there is no way he would leave before he finds out what has gone on here this afternoon. He's got his blog to write you know!'

'Oh that Costello?' asked Roland in surprise 'the one that writes the fantasy fiction blog; I did wonder how he was coming by his information. Lucky for us, the humans all think he is making it up'.

'Some humans don't' replied Antonescu curtly.

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