Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Uneasy spirits

The spirits lived in every nook and cranny of the house, formed by the energy of those who had lived and died there. These were not the ghosts of those who had departed, but simply echoes and memories that had chosen to remain behind.

Costello would never have claimed any ability to speak to those who had passed over, but could, if he let his mind go free, communicate with these spirits. He was, with the assistance of a glass of aged red wine, doing this in the absence of Vlad and the Count.

Usually this was an enjoyable, illuminating experience for the psychic, but this time he was troubled by the feelings emanating from the building. At first as his mind swam with the spirits, he felt a sense of unease rising through him, after a short time the spirits seemed to be chanting faintly, just at the edge of his hearing so that he was unable to make any sense of it.

The spirits seemed to want to hold him where he was, and at first it was like torture; not to be able to move, nor to awake from this dream-like state. But as the time passed the voices seemed to be getting louder, as they did so Mike was able to make out just one word – and on hearing it he was finally able to break free of the spell.

The single word which had been repeated over and over in a whisper, and then finally barked at Costello, was this:


Finally able to move freely about the living room, Mike made his way to the kitchen, swallowing the remains of the wine in his glass as he did so. The experience had made him feel weak and a little nauseous, so he filled a glass with ice cold water and greedily drank it down. He was a little shaken, but he needed to keep moving around do that he could think.

House spirits, by their natures, were not vindictive, they did not serve an agenda; they simply existed to maintain a presence of those who had been happy in the house. The spirits had no reason to lie and no reason to try and frighten those who communed with them.

Someone, or something, had unsettled the spirits enough to make them send out a warning – Costello was surprised that he had not noticed anything strange himself, but Vampires were notoriously difficult to read especially if they were hiding something. He would need a quiet word with Vlad without the brooding presence of the Count.

In the extreme comfort of the Vampire Lord’s car, Vlad and his lupine companion travelled back from to the house. The Count sat in the seats behind to watch over the gibbering Kingsteignton.

“What do you think he meant by all that – do you think he was serious about a war brewing?” Vlad asked, relaxing back into plush leather seats and fiddling with the many buttons at his disposal.

“Nonsense – he has clearly lost his mind …” Roland began, but Vlad was not about to allow him to follow that train of thought.

“I respectfully disagree, my furry friend,” Vlad paused to allow his insult to have effect and then continued, “No, I have known that wretched money-grabber for well over a century, and he is self composed, single minded and ruthless. Even the prospect of being savaged by you would not have changed that.

“What we saw back there was wide-eyed terror my young friend.” He smiled revealing his fangs and went back to fiddling with the any gadgets that had been fitted by its owner.

Roland bit back his reaction to being referred to as either hairy, or young. He may not have liked the Vampire sitting next to him, or indeed Vampires in general, but if he was to locate his lost clan member then he would have to trust that the human psychic was all that Vladimirescu had claimed.

“Your problems are your own Vladimirescu, I wish only to find Kea so for your sake Mr Costello had better be able to get more out of the mad Lord here then we could.” He barked back.

As he spoke, the car pulled up outside the Vampire’s residence, and the men made their way to the front door, the Count lifting the prone figure of Kingsteignton easily and carrying him up the steps leading to the front door.

Vlad wandered around and called out for his friend, but no answer came. It was then that he noticed on one of the few remaining tables in the drawing room was a folded piece of paper. He opened it and read its contents:

Dear Vlad,

Something is wrong. Your house spirits are uneasy (and please try not laugh, this is serious). We need to speak in private – after dark make your way to the Bricklayers Arms and I will meet you there.

Also, beware the Count. He is not all he seems.


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